tisdag 15 augusti 2017

Archaeologists Anonymous

Isto discusses in a recently published article the role of naming and anonymity in archaeological knowledge production in the article Archaeology of no names? The social productivity of anonymity in the archaeological information process published in the journal ephemera. The full text of the article is openly available at the journal website att http://www.ephemerajournal.org.

Full citation: Huvila, I. Archaeology of no names? The social productivity of anonymity in the archaeological information process. ephemera, 2017, 17(2), 351-376.

and abstract of the article:

The portrait gallery of archaeology presents a conspicuous mix of discoveries of the great characters of the past and an everyday labour of faceless individuals of the past and present in the service of archaeology and archaeological knowledge. The aim of this text is to discuss the premises and conditions of why and how the anonymisation happens in the archaeological information process and the forms of social productivity (or consequences) of the anonymous moves. Anonymity becomes a boundary object that is authored in the course of the switchings from netdom to another to emerge as a particular type of social relation and a constituent of a social imaginary of being archaeological.

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