måndag 26 januari 2015

CfP: Digital Future of Archaeology at NTAG 2015

Submissions are invited for presentations at the Nordic TAG (NTAG) 2015 session on the The Digital Future of Archaeology. Paper abstracts should be of maximum 200 words with additionally author contact details. Please send your paper to bodil.petersson@lnu.se. Send your abstract (or inform the organisers on an incoming proposal) by January 30, 2015. NTAG conference is organised this year in Copenhagen on April 16-18, 2015.

Description of the session
In recent years, the sway of digital technologies and the influence ‘the digital’ has had upon almost every aspect of archaeology has become a fact. This is true for documentation as well as for analysis, research and presentation. As in the rest of society, digitization has become the fact of the matter very often celebrated as both part of and important for any "future" perspectives. But what is "future" from the perspective of digitization? Is it access, overview, analysis, new perspectives, new modes of presenting archaeology, or what? When thinking of interpreting archaeology, what impact does digitization have on the understanding of archaeology as a knowledge domain? How is digitization in itself affecting the knowledge base of archaeology? More - of what? More - of the same? More - of new stuff? The aim of this session is to critically elucidate how digitization affects archaeology as a knowledge domain within which the subject is filtered through digital systems often not built by, but rather adapted or appropriated by archaeologists for their purposes. We welcome papers on the present-day practice, future perspectives and historic views on the subject of archaeology and its adaptation to new digital contexts.

The session is organised by ARKDIS researchers Bodil Petersson (Linnaeus University) & Isto Huvila (Åbo Akademi University and Uppsala University). 

The full call for proposals and more information about the Nordic TAG (NTAG) conference on the NTAG conference web site.

onsdag 14 januari 2015

New book: Perspectives to Archaeological Information in the Digital Society

Our new edited volume "Perspectives to Archaeological Information in the Digital Society" that explores the challenges of archaeological information work and research in the contemporary digital society is out both in print and as an open access edition online. The blurb in the back cover explains that "[t]he aim of this small book is to briefly discuss some of the premises for studying the implications and opportunities of the digitalisation of information and information work in the domain of archaeology and material cultural heritage."

The book is available as an open access PDF in DiVA-portal in http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:uu:diva-240334. Printed copies can be ordered by sending email to publikationer@abm.uu.se. Write "Perspectives to Archaeological Information in the Digital Society" in subject line. Printed copies cost 100 SEK (incl. 6% VAT) plus postage.

The volume contains following texts:
  • Introduction / Isto Huvila
  • Recuperating GIS data from excavations: On the use, or lack of use, of digital archaeological information/ Daniel Löwenborg
  • Archaeologists and their information sources / Isto Huvila
  • 3D Models and Archaeological Investigation / Nicoló Dell’Unto
  • Dances with Petroglyphs : On Digital Agendas, Digital Tools and Heritage Communication / Bodil Petersson
  • The Digital Time-Travels project in retrospect / Per Stenborg
  • Epilogue / Isto Huvila