tisdag 22 juli 2014

ARKDIS at “Digital Heritage 2014 – Communities in Action”

Digital Heritage is an annual conference organized by the Center for Digital Heritage. This year’s theme “Communities in Action” explored the concept of community in digital heritage research and practices. Catherine Clarke, professor in English at the University of Southampton delivered a keynote on the different points of departure different communities have when engaging in a heritage experience. Based on her work  developing digital heritage applications for British communities with differing spatial relations to their material heritage, professor Clarke argues heritage is as much about difference and discontinuity, as it is about continuity.

The conference contributions covered a wide range of approaches to digital applications in heritage management and dissemination; besides a number of talks on on various visual interpretations of the past an entire section of the conference was dedicated to auralizations – interpretations of the sound of the past. 

ARKDIS was represented by Ph.D. student Lisa Börjesson and her colleague
Olle Sköld, also from the department of ALM at Uppsala University. Börjesson and Sköld presented a short paper on ontologies of digital games as heritage.