fredag 22 maj 2015

The subtle difference

Final slide from the presentation of Gareth Beale
summarises it all.
Isto participated in the the second annual conference of the Centre for Digital Heritage collaboration in Århus, titled Digital Heritage 3D on 3D knowledge production and representation. The two day event was closed a bit earlier today and there is a good reason to congratulate the colleagues at Århus University for excellent work for putting together a small enough (to let everyone talk to each other) high quality meeting.

A number of important points were made during the presentations from a good number of people around Europe. Some common themes to mention was that it is apparent that now when there is a broad array of relatively inexpensive 3D technologies available, the focus of interest is shifting to questions like 3D workflows, infrastructures and (social) everyday life of sharing and working with data. Gareth Beale (York) summarised the infrastructural aspect of this issue in his slide that asks (for a good reason) where we are at the moment regarding the infrastructures and their use.

Isto's paper "The subtle difference between knowledge and 3D knowledge" discussed the differences of knowledge and 3D knowledge with a specific focus on the contextual and technological frames of knowledge production using 3D technologies. When people are doing "3D" it is important to be explicit what is actually being done, what tools, techniques and algorithms are used and in which kind of a context the 'thing' is being produced and consumed. Depending on these factors and the frame of doing 3D in terms of its purposes all have implications to the outcome.