torsdag 12 juni 2014

Arkdis workshop on Digital Agendas at Linnaeus University

During the 3 and 4 of June 2014 the Arkdis research group met in Växjö, Sweden, to discuss how digital agendas at different levels affect the digitization process of archaeology. Invited presenters during the workshop were Annelie Ekelin, Linnaeus University, Annelie Krell, Region Skåne, Karl Magnus Lenntorp, Region Skåne, Maria Casagrande, Skånes Hembygdsförbund, and Björn Magnusson Staaf, Lund University. The presentations held were on topics such as digital agendas on a European, national and regional/local level, on how digital approaches are supported by regional authorities and on how the support is realized in different projects and presentations. One thing that was elucidated during the workshop was that agendas affect the outcomes in both predicted and unpredicted ways. As a result of this workshop our research group is now preparing for a written debate on the topic of digital agendas and archaeology/cultural heritage.