onsdag 1 april 2015

ARKDIS at CAA 2015

Nicolò Dell'Unto closes his keynote.
Isto, Nicolò and Daniel from the ARKDIS project are participating in the Computer Applications and Quantitattive Methods (CAA) 2015 conference in Siena, Italy. There is a whole lot of interesting things going on from archaeological information management to 3D and predictive modelling (to mention a few themes) at the conference. You can find more information about the programme and presentations on the web at the caaconference.org or e.g. on Twitter by searching for hashtags #caa2015 and #caasiena.

Activities involving ARKDIS researchers include

  • Keynote by Nicolò dell'Unto “The Use of 3D Models for Intra-Site Investigation in Archaeology”
  • Session: Towards a Theory of Practice in Applied Digital Field Methods by James Stuart Taylor and Nicolò Dell’Unto
  • Papers
    • GIACOMO LANDESCHI, NICOLÒ DELL' UNTO, DANIELE FERDANI: A vector-based pipeline for assessing visibility: a 3D GIS perspective
    • NICOLÒ DELL' UNTO: Using different eyes: the case of the medieval Cathedral of Dalby ISTO HUVILA, DANIEL LÖWENBORG, LISA BÖRJESSON, BODIL PETERSSON, NICOLÒ DELL’UNTO, PER STENBORG: What is archaeological information? 
  • Poster: Isto Huvila: Chatting #fieldnotes : rethinking notetaking workflows in field archaeology

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