torsdag 3 april 2014


ARKDIS in York

The ARKDIS tour has continued from Manchester to York. In Manchester, at the Institute for Cultural Practices, University of Manchester we were hosted by Dr. Kostas Arvanitis together with his colleagues. We had an opportunity to hear about each others research at a morning seminar. Kostas Arvanitis told about his highly interesting and theoretically ambitious work on museums and everyday life in the context of several different projects. Professor Stuart Campbell gave an overview of virtual worlds of archaeology (an excellent concept for describing the emerging virtual/digital context of archaeological research) and data archiving efforts in a series of field projects in the Middle East.

Campbell Price gave a brief but very informative overview of blogging at the Manchester Museum in his role as a curator for Egypt and the Sudan. Doctoral student Chiara Zuanni described her very promising study of visitors' and staff views of the permanent exhibition of archaeology at the Manchester Museum. Already the early results demonstrated clearly a number of conceptual and perceptual differences. Finally, Professor Sian Jones gave a talk of her work on ACCORD project on promoting community engagement in heritage using hands-on 3D modelling as a way of involving the public in interpreting artefacts.

In York, ARDKIS met Gareth Beale from the Centre for Digital Heritage (a collaborative initiative between York, Uppsala, Aarhus and Leiden described already earlier in this blog), and Holly Wright, professor Julian Richards and Katie Green from the Archaeology Data Service who gave us an informative overview of the activities of the institution and the state-of-the-art of archaeological data archiving in the UK.

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