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PhD student position in ARKDIS-project (library and information science)

at the Department of ALM (Archival Science, Library and Information Science, Museology and Cultural Heritage Studies)
Application no later than 2013-04-30. UFV-PA 2013/800
starting date August 1, 2013 at the earliest, latest on January 1, 2014.

The doctoral student will be working in the research project Archaeological information in the digital society financed by the Swedish Research Council (VR) grant 340-2012-5751. The doctoral candidate is expected to conduct empirical research on the practices of the production and use of archaeological information in Sweden. More information about the project and its aims can be found on the project web site at:http://www.abm.uu.se/research/Ongoing+Research+Projects/ARKDIS/?languageId=1
Education at the doctoral level consists of 4 years. The position is financed with a doctoral studentship (doktorandanställning). Doctoral students are expected to pursue their studies full-time and actively take part in the department’s activities. Departmental duties (typically teaching and administration) at a level of at most 20% can be included in the position.

Doctoral education in Library and Information Science is regulated by the general study plan which can be found at the following address:http://www.abm.uu.se/research/Postgraduate+Studies/?languageId=1
Qualifications required: Applicants must have a Masters’ degree in library and Information Science, archival science, museology and cultural heritage studies or a corresponding degree in a nearby field. For regulations, see Uppsala University’s guidelines for doctoral studieshttp://regler.uu.se/Rules_and_regulations_in_English/. Research work demands close collaboration with Swedish archaeologists and an ability to read Swedish language texts. An applicant is therefore expected to have a working capability to read Swedish and orally communicate in Swedish/Scandinavian.

Application: Applications should include a short CV and a research plan (max 4 pages) that complies with the general area of the research project described above. The purpose of the research plan is to give the applicants an opportunity to formulate and present a personal draft proposal of a possible doctoral research project in the general area of the Archaeological information in the digital society research project. (For additional information, please contact project director Isto Huvila, contact information see below) The research plan must contain a tentative heading, short presentation of the subject area and the proposed focus of the research, a short overview of selected relevant earlier research, and theoretical frameworks and methods to be applied and include a preliminary timetable for the 4 years period. The applicants Masters' thesis and degree certificate and diploma supplement (examensbevis) must be included in the application together with other relevant documentation e.g. publications. The selection will primarily be based on the research plan. Earlier publications are regarded as merits.

For further information please contact Christer Eld, Head of Department,christer.eld@abm.uu.se  (+46 18 471 3388), Associate Professor Isto Huvila, Project Director, isto.huvila@abm.uu.se (+358 40 572 6259) Professor Kerstin Rydbeck, Director of postgraduate studies, kerstin.rydbeck@abm.uu.se, (+46 18 471 7978) or Malin Sigvardson, Faculty Director of Studies,malin.sigvardson@uadm.uu.se  (+46 18 471 1879). Trade-union representatives are Anders Grundström, Saco (+46 18 471 5380), Carin Söderhäll, TCO/ST (+46 18 471 1997) and Stefan Djurström, Seko (+46 18 471 3315).

You are welcome to submit your application no later than April 30 2013, UFV-PA 2013/800.

Official announcement at http://www.uu.se/jobb/phd-students/annonsvisning?languageId=1&tarContentId=237432

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