tisdag 14 januari 2014

Do you remember the essay in the landscape?

"Essay in the landscape", Åsa grave field, Sörmland
Within archaeology there are several forms of information due to, for example technical development and administrative standards. The same goes for the information about archaeological information.

As of today we have several examples of cultural heritage site information disseminated through for example apps and audio guides. While we enjoy the new possibilities the old forms of information about historical sites or events receive less attention. Signs decay or are, as the sign in the picture, since long fenced in beyond reach.

With the current awareness of how information and narratives about historical events and sites also are a constituent part of cultural heritage, the boundary between cultural heritage and cultural heritage information has become less definite. In relation to the "essay in the landscape"-style signs from previous times we arrive at a new question: when do an information sign about a heritage site turn into a part of the heritage site?

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